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RoxyApps Limited is a software company that provides digital solutions for existing business processes. Our solutions cut across web, mobile and desktop platforms.

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Browse through a list of sample deployed applications to see what interests you. Majority of our applications are desktop applications and a few web and/or mobile applications.

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RoxyApp Team

We have a mix of skilled engineers and support staff with relevant backgrounds and experience working together to deliver value to our clients.


Business Case

Our Logo is a phoenix which is famous for its regeneration ability. Similarly, RoxyApps Limited transforms businesses which are behind by digitising their operation to make them competitive and relevant in this digital age.

Why Join Us

Our Vision is to be a leading player in delivering world class software to meet the ever increasing IT dependent economy Africa is growing to become.

Our Mission is to migrate small and medium scale businesses in Ghana to digitised platforms with working software which enhances their business operation and makes them relevant and competitive in their respective markets locally and globally. We uphold:

Ingenuity: Room for innovation and creativity.

Excellence: Quality software developed with novel technology and devoid of errors.

Customer Feedback: To deliver value to clients.


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+233 501 214 141

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Roxy Apps
P.O Box AN 6651
Accra - North, Ghana